hamish morrow collage 'taxonomies of desire'

Drawing on my extensive experience in fashion as a designer/creative director I utilise aesthetics, surfaces, glamour, beauty, visual allure and seductive materials in my art making in order to create experiences/encounters that attempt to produce an emotional response in the viewer.



My use of aesthetics across a diverse range of media including film, painting, sculpture, sound, performance and exhibition environments is a conscious strategy to show rather than tell, to communicate by creating visual experiences that are immediate, perceptual, pleasurable and emotional. I believe that producing alluring visual energies does not have the power to effect exact outcomes but has the potential to engage the viewer with its seductive intention. And that the object together with the exhibition environment has the potential of creating a new reality.



I strive to abandon intellectual and hierarchical thinking in favour of instinct and intuition, to work within the intersection of tradition and innovation, repetition and difference, in actions directed towards change. This I understand as a constructive attitude to art making and exhibiting. An attitude that is conscious of its own performative potential, one that attempts to shift the emphasis from critique to that of active engagement in the creation of alternative realities to the dominant and to show other ways of being.