Hamish Morrow was born in South Africa in 1968 and immigrated to London to study Womenswear at Central St. Martins in 1988. He completed his studies at the Royal College of Art in 1998, where he obtained an MA in Menswear Fashion Design, which led to a series of fashion positions working in Milan for Byblos and in New York for John Bartlett.


In 2000 Hamish returned to London to work on his eponymous line, launching on the London Fashion Week schedule in February 2001. For the next three years, Hamish divided his time between London, where his own line garnered critical acclaim, and consultancy posts abroad. He worked with a number of internationally known design houses, including haute couture at Louis Feraud, menswear at Fendi and womenswear at Krizia.


In 2005, Hamish took time to realise personal projects. During this time he produced an exploration of fashion designed for wear in Space and zero gravity environments. The project included a short film and proposals for future dress, including ‘space denim’ and recycled sports garments.


2005 also saw the launch of a luxury technical sportswear collection, which found commercial success immediately. Using a combination of technical sport design, luxury fabrics and the addition of nano-technology, the line focused on essential pieces conveying an effortless quality and timeless appeal. The modern design and comfort of sportswear were combined with the world of couture.


With his unique combinations of sport and couture, utility and high fashion luxury, he has defined himself in the international fashion world.


In 2008 Hamish decided to close his fashion brand and to focus increasingly on his artwork, devoting significant time to theoretical, historical and philosophical study and over the course of 2011 produced the film triptych entitled ‘Persona- Anima’. In 2016 Hamish undertook to study on the MFA programme at Goldsmiths University in London obtaining his masters degree in art in 2018. Alongside his art practice, he continues to consult as a designer/creative director in the fashion industry.


Hamish Morrow lives and works in London and Paris.